Children's Environmental Health Network

The Children's Environmental Health Network (CEHN) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose mission is to protect the developing child from environmental health hazards and promote a healthier  environment. Please contribute to the extent possible. If you are able to support our work, please use one of the donation methods below. We will provide a record of your donation for tax purposes. If you have a workplace program for matching donations, our tax ID number is 52-2305620.

Your contribution:

  • Enables CEHN to carry out its work.
  • Is tax deductible.
  • Is a secure transaction.
  • Will be noted in our Annual Report and on our website, unless requested otherwise.

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Children's Environmental Health Network



Donate by Mail (Checks & Other Methods of Payment)

If you prefer to send donations by mail, please send check or other method of payment (please note that we can only take credit cards online), along with our printable pledge form, to:

Children's Environmental Health Network
110 Maryland Avenue, NE, Suite 402
Washington, DC 20002

Our thanks to our supporters; your generosity is deeply appreciated.  CEHN can only continue to exist with the help of individual donors as well as government and foundation grants.

CEHN Privacy Policy: CEHN does not share private donor information with outside sources. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us.


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