Robin Joseph, MPH is the Eco- Healthy Child Care® Engagement Manager for the Children’s Environmental Health Network. She is a self-motivated professional with strong interpersonal skills who desires to improve children’s health through environmental education, awareness, and outreach. Her educational background includes a Master’s in Public Health degree, specializing in Environmental and Occupational Health, and a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Environmental Toxicology. With four years of experience in children’s environmental health issues, two of which were working in the Office of Children’s Health Protection at EPA, Ms. Joseph has a keen ear to the ground and pulse on children’s environmental health.

Ms. Joseph is extremely familiar with the many levels and operations of nonprofits and the federal government, and the delicate nature in which national and local partnerships are formed and maintained. She has developed and conducted several national and local trainings on children’s environmental health, partnership development, and community engagement. She is a trained Industrial Hygienist and Toxicologist. Ms. Joseph was the Program Director for MGR Youth Empowerment Charlotte NC Branch. While in Charlotte she also worked with school administration, parents, and youth as the Health Coordinator for Dr. Oz’s HealthCorps. She has completed research on the use of personal care products and its exposure to children, breast cancer in minority women, environmental exposures (mold, asbestos, lead) in the work place, and developmental effects of fungicides on sea urchins.

Ms. Joseph is also a personal trainer, painter, photographer, knitter, and dog lover.