Kristie Trousdale, MPH is the Deputy Director of the Children’s Environmental Health Network (CEHN), where she provides organizational and programmatic leadership and development. She leads the Network’s science translation and education projects, research conferences, communications and marketing, program training activities, and advocacy efforts. Ms. Trousdale has over ten years of experience developing curriculum and other educational resources for CEHN’s initiatives including the Eco-Healthy Child Care® program, and served as Co-Editor of “Putting it into Practice” a pediatric environmental health training resource for health care faculty. She currently serves as a member of the Children's Health Protection Advisory Committee to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Prior to joining CEHN, Ms. Trousdale facilitated communication between scientists and resource managers to stimulate and prioritize research, and to support adoption of empirically sound land management within the conservation biology community in the Hawaiian Islands. Concern for the environment and an interest in pediatric health led to her own research on relationships between hazardous air pollutants and pediatric neurodevelopmental disorders. She has co-authored publications on epigenetics and pediatric environmental health, environmental hazards in school settings, and environmental hazards in residential facilities for persons with developmental or intellectual disabilities. Ms. Trousdale’s interests include children's neurodevelopmental health, health disparities, conservation biology, and biodiversity.