Cancer Free Economy

----New Joint Statement on Cancer Prevention----

---New Report from the Childhood Cancer Prevention Initiative: Childhood Cancer: Cross-Sector Strategies for Prevention---

The Cancer Free Economy Network (CFEN) is a network of diverse organizations and funding partners working to achieve an ambitious overall goal: “Within a generation, we (CEFN) will lift the burden of cancers and other diseases by driving a dramatic and equitable transition from toxics to effective clean and safe alternatives.”

Founded in 2014, the CFEN is developing a strategic plan, using a systems map built by participants to describe the dynamics among institutions/sectors/organizations/interests that influence the existence and impacts of toxic chemicals in the economy, to achieve this goal. The CFEN includes working groups organized around certain areas of the systems map – called clusters, or areas of capacity, called hubs. These working groups strive to:

  • promote prevention of cancer and other diseases caused by chemical exposures;
  • shift the supply and demand chains to safer chemicals and safer jobs;
  • create diverse, “non-traditional” partners, holding equity as a highest-order principle
  • develop interconnected communications, popular education, organizing, policy and fundraising strategies.

CEHN is a co-leader of the health cluster of the CFEN. The goal of the health cluster, within the overall goal, is to: “Contribute to a national effort to eliminate exposure to toxics to prevent cancer and other chronic diseases and promote healthy and healing environments, particularly for overburdened and vulnerable populations (such as children), by expanding the focus of all health-related organizations to include an understanding of the role of chemicals in contributing to the disease process, and a commitment to promoting primary prevention".

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