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Tune in to the Children's Environmental Health Network's day of virtual programming for fun and engaging activities, from a children's fashion show to educational panels, and children's' sing-alongs.

Commemorate Children's Environmental Health Day by joining an activity or event held by a CEH champion organization, individual, or community. Find virtual events and in-person activities near you by exploring the event directory and map.

Chime in on children's health and climate change in this year's CEH Day Twitter Chat

Host a Children's Environmental Health Day Event

Events can be large or small, informal or formal, public or private.
Request a CEH city or state proclamation, teach a kid's yoga class, organize a stream clean-up, host an educational workshop, release a new report or launch a new initiative concerning children's environmental health, or watch a CEH film with your family and friends. Find more inspiration and ideas here.

Help other people find your event or activity and put them on the CEH Day map. With every new event listed, we can amplify the children's environmental health movement even more!
PS- CEHN can only help advertise events that are listed on the map

Tune into the CEHN Livestreaming Event


In honor of CEH Day, the Children's Environmental Health Network (CEHN) is hosting a day-long virtual event to be broadcast over CEHN's Facebook Live and Youtube on Thursday, October 8th.

Virtual Program Schedule:
8:30 am Welcome message, Children's Environmental Health Network
8:31 am Message from Eco-Healthy Child Care®
8:33 am Presentation: Keeping Florida’s Children Safe: Florida Choose Safe Places. Florida Department of Health
9:03 am Message from the Union of Concerned Scientists
9:04 am The children of the Helen R. Walton Children's Enrichment Center thank Mayor Orman for the Bentonville, AR CEH Day Proclamation
9:10 am Message CEHN Board Member Maida Galvez, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
9:10 am Message from PolicyLink
9:15 am Message from the Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health
9:17 am Presentation: Healthy Homes: Radon & Indoor Air. Florida Department of Health Radon & Indoor Air Program
9:48 am A special thank you message to Mayor Harris for the Shelby County, TN CEH Day Proclamation
9:48 am Message from Moms Clean Air Force
9:49 am Presentation: From Data to Action: Using Data Visualization Tools on CDC's Environmental Public Health Tracking Network for Improved Community Health. CDC- Environmental Public Health Tracking
10:05 am Message from the Cancer Free Economy Network
10:06 am Fireside chat: The Black and Latinx Maternal Health Crisis. Black Millennials for Flint & MOMCares/The Rising Mama LLC
10:34 am Message from Safer Made
10:34 am Fireside chat: Nsedu Obot Witherspoon's 20th Anniversary CEH Leadership Interview Series- Polly Hoppin, UMass Lowell Center for Sustainable Production
11:21 am Message from the Evangelical Environmental Network
11:23 am The Morning More Vang Children's Entertainment Program - featuring music and stories from Sharon and Randi, The Beat Buds, Shabazz Larkin, Georgie Badel Liberty, and our partners at the American Public Health Association and Moms Clean Air Force
12:12 am A special thank you message to Mayor Bowser for the Washington, DC CEH Day Proclamation
12:12 pm Presentation: On the Air: Educating Children about Air Quality and Climate Change. Clean Air Partners
12:45 pm Childhood Cancer Prevention Report Preview. Childhood Cancer Prevention Initiative
12:49 pm A special thank you message to Mayor Harris for the Shelby County, TN CEH Day Proclamation
12:49 pm Message & Tour of The Helen R. Walton Children's Enrichment Center, an Eco-Healthy Child Care® Endorsed Facility & the first Healthy Campus for Early Education in the US
12:53 pm CEHN’s 15th Annual Child Health Advocate Awards and Panel Discussion
2:34 pm Message from the American Public Health Association
2:35 pm Presentation: The Case for Healthy, Climate-Friendly School Food & How to Improve School Food in Your Community. Friends of the Earth US
3:11 pm Message from Americas for Conservation
3:13 pm Presentation: Childhood Cancer Prevention Report. Green the Church
3:53 pm A special thank you message to Mayor Hines for the Rogers, AR CEH Day Proclamation
3:53 pm Message from the Green & Healthy Homes Initiative
3:57 pm Presentation: Toxic Textiles: The impact of harmful chemicals in clothing on children’s health. Green America
4:12 pm Children's Sustainable Fashion Show. Sponsored by Hope & Henry. CEHN & Fashion Fwd
4:26 pm Message from the National Center for Healthy Housing
4:27 pm Unbreathable film screening and panel discussion. American Lung Association
5:12 pm Message from the American Lung Association
5:13 pm Discussion panel on Child Care and COVID-19. Eco-Healthy Child Care®
5:46 pm Message from the National Association for the Education of Young Children
5:46 pm A special thank you message to Mayor Harris for the Shelby County, TN CEH Day Proclamation
5:47 pm Film Sneak Peak & Fireside Chat. "Planet Prescription: Healing Healers. Healing The Planet. Healing Us." Climate Listening Project & Mother & Others for Clean Air
6:15 pm Message from the National Environmental Education Foundation
6:16 pm Presentation: #Vote4OurFuture: Getting to the Roots of the Green new Deal. National Children's Campaign & Zero Hour
6:51 pm Message from the Washington DC Department of Energy and Environment
6:53 pm About the Eco Book Worms book club. American Public Health Association
6:56 pm The Evening More Vang Children's Entertainment Program - featuring music and stories from Sue Fliess, Ricky Kej & Lonnie Park, Erin Dealey & Susan Eaddy, and Erin Dealey & Susan Eaddy, and Rena Strober
7:01 pm A special thank you message to Governor Hutchinson for the Arkansas CEH Day Proclamation
7:30 pm Good night and thank you from CEHN!

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Find a Children's Environmental Health Day Event

Click on the location pins to learn more about each event or activity. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many CEH Day events are virtual this year. These are listed in the directory below the map, along with in-person activities.

Tell Us About Your CEH Activity

Are you planning a Children's Environmental Health Day event or activity (including requesting a CEH city or state proclamation, releasing a new report, or launching a new CEH initiative, virtual, or in person events)? If so, please submit details below so it can be displayed too! CEHN will be amplifying events in this section leading up to and on Children's Environmental Health Day.

You may receive an error message if using Safari. Please use Chrome or Firefox to add your CEH Day events/activities to our map.

 Event Inspiration and Ideas

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, we highly encourage all Children's Environmental Health Day activities and events to go virtual or include no more than 10 people, all practicing safe distancing and wearing masks, or only including your immediate family and "safe circle."

  • Coordinate a virtual watch party- watch film(s) focusing on children's environmental health and chat about them with your family, co-workers, or community
  • Record a cooking demo focusing on kid-friendly sustainable snacks
  • Lead an arts and craft session for kids using eco-healthy craft supplies
  • Host a virtual town hall featuring a discussion of local children's environmental health issues
  • Put together a panel of experts discussing:
    • CEH policies
    • Climate change
    • Household eco-healthy practices
    • Your CEH projects
    • CEH in schools
    • Voting
  • Read an eco-themed kids book
  • Lead kids' sing-a-long
  • Give a tour of an Eco-Healthy Child Care© endorsed child care facility
  • Host a "fireside chat" with your CEH hero
  • Feature a CEH-themed AMA on your social media
  • Present new CEH research
  • Host a distanced dance party for kids
  • Read an eco-themed children's poem
  • Lead a "how to" on:
    • Preventing climate change
    • Safely disinfecting and cleaning
    • Eco-healthy swaps at home
    • Writing a letter or calling a representative
    • Finding out more about your organization
    • Getting involved in child protective legislation
  • Lead a kid's meditation
  • Teach a kids yoga class
  • Arrange a meeting focused on children's environmental health with a school board, city/county council, or your state legislators
  • Host an educational forum, workshop, or webinar on a children's environmental health topic
  • Mobilize your community to start a Giving Circle for your favorite children's environmental health organization
  • Request a CEH city or state proclamation
  • Organize a stream clean-up
  • Host an educational workshop
  • Launch a new initiative concerning children's environmental health
  • Share CEH resources with the kids in your life and talk to them about ways to stay safe from environmental hazards and protect others
  • Write letters to your representatives about a CEH issue close to your heart
  • Host a book or podcast club and discussion with a CEH theme

Have a great idea? Let us know what you're planning by adding your event to our CEH Day Activities Map or Submit it as a Program Proposal for the CEHN Livestream!

 Support for Hosting an Event or Activity

You can find a more in-depth guide in the Community Event Toolkit.

There are so many ways to get involved with CEH Day! The event or activity that you plan will depend on many factors:

  • Who is your target audience? What do they care about? What are they struggling with?
  • What are your goals? Your audience's goals?
  • What is your budget?
  • How much time do you have to plan?
  • What are the COVID-19 related restrictions in your area?
  • What locations or technology do you and your audience have at your disposal?

Big or small, planning a CEH Day event or activity will help your community members to make the connection between the environment and children's health. Knowledge is power. With it, families and caregivers can take steps to protect children from environmental hazards and champion policies that truly protect their communities. Want to start with some inspiration?

Fundraising for your CEH Day event may seem daunting so we’ve identified a
few ways to make this process a little easier, no matter the size of your event:

  •  Create a detailed list of materials as well as the number of volunteers you
    will need to execute the event.  Next, divide the list into 3 subgroups:
    • items that you already have
    •  items you can borrow or get donated
    •  items that you will need to purchase.
  •  Reach out to community organizations and partners who may be willing
    to donate materials or money to your CEH Day event (like kid's clubs, local environmental organizations business owners). There may also be community grants that you can apply for jointly with a nonprofit.
  • Email potential partners, call them, or message them through social media,
    and follow up with an in-person meeting.
  • When asking for donations discuss how their donations can help the CEH Movement grow and effect change.
  • Whether someone is willing to give you donations or not, ask them
    if they know of anyone or any organization that would be willing to
  • Take advantage of free press, such as suggesting CEH Day as a piece in a newspaper, or promoting it through social media using the #CEHday hashtag.

Consider requesting that your mayor or governor proclaim CEH Day. It takes minutes and can be useful in advancing local advocacy efforts.
If you are able to obtain one, be sure to arrange a photo op so that you can personally thank him/her/them and share the photos along with an announcement of the proclamation with your community.

 Check out the CEHN Proclamation Advocacy Page for easy instructions, templates, sample press releases, and more.

Before the event:

  • Ask local businesses to promote and/or sponsor your event.
  • Gather volunteers to help run your event. (church groups, scouts, PTA etc.).
  • Seek out attendees by connecting with local environmental and public
    health organizations.
  • If you are hosting a community event that involves raising money,
    encourage people to make teams. Add a little competition to boost
    team performance!

During the event

  •  Urge attendees to commit to being involved in CEH year-round. Get ideas for this in the Proclamation Advocacy Toolkit.
  •  Provide a platform for people to share their own knowledge, questions,
    and stories about CEH. You can use the CEH Share Your Story platform, or use the prompts, templates, and suggestions on this page as inspiration.
  • Thank all of the community members who helped make your
    CEH Day event a success, both during and after the event (via social media, etc)!

Leverage Social Media

  • Use as many platforms as you have the time and energy for, but prioritize those where your current supporters already spend a lot for their time
  • Tag people and pages who are involved in CEH, or related fields. Search
    for these groups via filtering by hashtags (e.g., #CEHday #ChildrenAtTheCenter #ProtectKidsHealth).
  • Make your posts pop! Use free online design tools such as Canva to
    design fun colorful content and try to tell stories using fewer words and more images. CEHN has designed free Canva templates for anyone to use.
  • Create an event hashtag, use it consistently and tell others to use it too. Be sure to include the #CEHday hastag so others can find you easily.
  • CEHN has ready-to-use social media graphics and messaging that you're welcome to use!