Becoming an Official CEH Day Partner

Children's Environmental Health (CEH) Day is a platform for all of us advocating for clean air and water, safer food and products, and healthier places for children to live, learn, and play.

Does this sound like your national organization? If so, we invite you to become an official CEH Day Partner. This is a chance to significantly raise the visibility of CEH issues to improve outcomes for future generations.



  • Platform to showcase your commitment to advancing CEH, and to highlight your initiatives through a CEH lens
  • Logo on the CEH Day webpage and any printed materials
  • Social media shout outs
  • Amplification of your organization’s CEH fundraising efforts


  • Promote CEH Day using CEHN’s ready made promotional messaging

  • Motivate your audiences to use the promotional and advocacy tools listed above and to participate in the CEH Day Twitter chat and other activities or to host their own activities
  • Participate in CEHN’s #CEHchat
  • Attend and Promote CEHN’s virtual Child Health Advocate Awards Panel Discussion and CEH Day celebration and other virtual programming
  • [Optional but highly encouraged!]  Host your own CEH Day activities or use the day to release new reports or to launch new initiatives related to CEH

If you are interested in becoming an official CEH Day partner, please contact on or before September 14, 2021.

Still have questions?

The following 30 minute webinar originally aired August 28th. It covers a brief presentation on becoming a CEH Day Partner by Kristie Trousdale, CEHN Deputy Director, followed by an interactive Q&A with participants.