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Why is a CEH Day Proclamation important?

Obtaining a proclamation for October 8, 2020 as CEH Day from your governor or mayor is a show of their support for the right of all children to have access to clean air and water, safer food and products, and healthy environments and it helps raise awareness for children’s environmental health. Oftentimes, it is a commitment made at the state and local levels that most affect children in our communities, and that drive progress and ultimately lead to change at the federal level. 

Tina from Philadelphia used our toolkit! Hear her story:

Mobilizes society and ignites action 

A Proclamation that recognizes October 8, 2020 as CEH Day is a stepping stone for further actions that reduce children’s exposure to environmental hazards, educates parents and others charged with safeguarding a child’s welfare, and generates the momentum necessary to spark political change. Each year state and city governments can re-commit to CEH Day in October with proclamations and assess their progress in addressing key children’s environmental health issues important to their constituents. The public can organize events in their communities to raise awareness and engagement on local CEH concerns using our new CEH Day Community Event Guidebook

Did your city or state proclaim CEH Day in 2019? Check below then Use it!
If you have successfully obtained a proclamation for this past CEH Day, October 10, 2019 from your mayor or governor, thank you, and great work! Now let’s put that proclamation to work in helping to advance important campaigns affecting children’s environmental health in your community. Download the 2019 Proclamation Advocacy Toolkit for some sample social media messages (use hashtag: #CEHDay365), sample scripts for contacting your elected officials, and other ideas for making the most of your obtained proclamation.

Obtained CEH Day 2019 Proclamations

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City Proclamations

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