Take Action


Join the CEH Movement -  then share by posting to social media using the hashtags #CEHday  and   #ChildrenAtTheCenter. Use your platform to promote CEH Day and the CEH Movement.

Send a letter or postcard to your congressional leader about a children's environmental health issue that matters most to you - and urge them to be an advocate for children

Be an advocate for someone you love.
Share how the environment has affected the health of your child or share your own journey of discovery and learning about environmental hazards.

Request that your mayor or governor proclaim October 8, 2020 asChildren's Environmental Health Day. We have proclamation templates and other helpful tips.

Donations to the CEH Movement will help address the key recommendations and priority actions as identified in the Blueprint for Children’s Environmental Health: An Urgent Call to Action.

Be a leader in your community and neighborhood. Find ideas to help spread awareness of children's environmental health. Tell us what you are doing and share your thoughts.