2019 Five-part Webinar Series

Protecting Children’s Environmental Health: The Blueprint in Action.

Each free webinar will explore promising efforts underway that correspond to or address one of the five Blueprint recommendations:

Webinar #1: Creating & using knowledge to protect children's environmental health

March 6, 2019  1:00 - 2:30 pm ET  Couldn't attend or want to listen again?  Listen here! Also Act Now to support science!

Children’s environmental health protection relies on preventive research. Continued support is critical for filling in research gaps, including effects of multiple exposures, cumulative exposures, and psychosocial stress, as well as for gaining emerging insights from epigenetic, microbiome, and other mechanistic research. In addition to supporting continued scientific discoveries and advancements, we need to harness the evidence we already have, make it clear and accessible, and use it to inform child protective actions. Scientific findings educate and equip decision makers, health care providers, parents, communities, and others with the information they need to provide children with optimal environments for healthy development.

Webinar #2:  Establishing a connected and vibrant children’s environmental health community

May 29, 2019   1:00 - 2:00 pm ET  Couldn't attend or want to listen again? Listen here! Also Act Now and Join our community!

A vibrant cross-sector children’s environmental health community is vital to strengthening and aligning efforts, creating a collective voice, and catalyzing action to place children's health at the center of all decision-making. This webinar will highlight two national organizations leading their respective fields (nursing and child care) by embracing children's environmental health as critical to their organizations' and their overall fields' success, and by adding their voices to a united movement to protect children's environmental health.

Webinar #3: Marshaling the engine of the economy to achieve healthier environments and a sustainable future for our children

July 2019  **Details and registration portal coming soon


Webinar #4: Mobilizing society to take action on children’s environmental health 

September 2019  **Details and registration portal coming soon


Webinar #5: Building the political will for child centered policies.

November 2019  **Details and registration portal coming soon