Community Listserv Protocol


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The Community Listserv shares and discusses national, regional, and local developments and the latest information regarding children's environmental health.



Please use common sense and courtesy in posting to this free e-mail discussion list.
Please use the following guidelines to help us foster a professional, productive dialogue. (Thank you to Dr. Gary Greenberg for his permission to borrow from the AOEC/OEM Forum guidelines.)

  1. Tone of Messages: Dialogue will occur in a friendly, informal tone. But when members disagree with one another, they should adopt a more formal tone than usual, similar to published Letters to the Editor. Insulting, unprofessional language is not allowed.
  2. Requests for Donations: Please do not solicit donations for your favorite and even urgent worthy cause. No exceptions!
  3. Attachments to Mail Messages: Attachments to messages are not allowed. Unlike e-mail text, these are often huge documents to download and are capable of carrying viruses. If you have a file that you would like the group to see, send a message to the list administrator ( who will review the message and may post it on the web archives and send an announcement to the list.
  4. Authorship of Messages: Please sign your message with your full name, title, and affiliation, and give it an appropriate subject line. Information about your professional role and your employment helps set the context of your posting.
  5. Personal Health Queries: Specific questions from health care providers are welcome, but this is not a forum to describe your own or your family members' personal clinical histories.
  6. Advertising:No advertising or commercial promotion (of supplies, services, software, or any material) is allowed. Those with commercial interests may provide rare, brief, professional, factual, responsive messages (to topics initiated by other listserv participants) but should limit their self-promotion to disclosing their affiliation and providing contact information at the end of their message.
  7. Quoting from the List: You may quote from the list, and circulate list messages in their entirety, unless the author has indicated otherwise. If you post a message and you do not want it to be quoted from or circulated outside the list, say so in your message. It is not allowed to quote from or re-send messages if the author does not want you to. We urge list members to respect each others' requests. However, list members should be aware that their remarks are available to audiences and purposes that might be different from the original aim. When quoting from list messages, please consider asking permission and verifying proper acknowledgement. Quotes attributed to individuals must be verified for accuracy, since falsely signed e-mail is easily sent.
  8. List Concerns: If you feel that another subscriber has posted an inappropriate message or otherwise behaved inappropriately, or if you have other concerns about the list, please contact the list administrator ( The administrator will work with you to try to resolve the problem.


The Children's Environmental Health Network will not accept any responsibility for guaranteeing any aspect of message content. Message remarks are the responsibility of the authors.

To send messages to the list, please address it to the list administrator and approved subscribers will have that message broadcast to all members. Messages are moderated.