EHCC Virtual Technical Assistance:

What is Eco-Healthy Child Care’s (EHCC) virtual technical assistance (TA)?

  • A free ~30-45 minute online (“zoom”) conversation with an EHCC staffer about implementing and maintaining environmental health best practices in the early care and education (ECE) setting.
  • Ensures that the EHCC endorsement is meaningful and valuable to endorsed facilities.
  • An opportunity to relay the latest scientifically based best practices from environmental health resources for creating safer and healthier ECE facilities.
  • Helps EHCC learn what additional information and resources are needed by endorsed child care facilities.

The EHCC virtual TA meeting is not:

  • An interview. It is a conversation to support and assist EHCC endorsed facilities.
  • Connected with licensing, regulations, nor other governmental activities.

What will the EHCC staff use to offer TA?

In addition to working from the EHCC endorsement checklist, EHCC staff will refer to EHCC’s fact sheets, FAQs, and e-learning course.

The virtual TA conversation does not involve asking for samples or photographs.

Why does EHCC offer TA?

Our virtual TA serves as both a quality control measure to confirm that the EHCC endorsement process is working properly and a place for providers to ask environmental health-related questions.

TA conversations provide us with data that we can use to study the effectiveness of EHCC and its component parts. All data that we collect is confidential.

The virtual TA meeting can increase parental peace of mind. Parents and other caregivers will have greater confidence in EHCC-endorsed facilities when they know that the EHCC program works hard to assure that endorsed facilities are supported and indeed understand how best to provide healthier environments for the children in their care.

My facility has been selected for the virtual TA meeting. What will happen?

Your facility’s staff will be notified via email, to arrange a time for the virtual TA meeting. Only EHCC-endorsed facilities are considered for a virtual TA call.

Virtual TA meetings are held via the Zoom platform.

EHCC staff will arrange a time to meet with the person(s) most knowledgeable about the EHCC checklist that was submitted to receive your facility’s endorsement -- probably the facility director or manager. As many from your child care team as would like to join the meeting, are welcome.

The EHCC representative will have a copy of your facility’s completed checklist on hand for reference.

You/your facility’s representative will be asked to pick one or two of the following topics to discuss so that the meeting time is used most effectively:

  1. Indoor Air Quality
  2. Lead 
  3. Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfecting
  4. Plastics and Toys 
  5. Pesticides

The EHCC representative will do their best to 1) answer whatever questions you may have, and 2) provide additional helpful resources. 

The virtual TA meeting should last between 30 minutes and 1 hour, depending on your preferences and questions.

What will happen after the virtual TA meeting?

A follow-up email will be sent to the staff from your facility that participated in the TA meeting. The email will provide additional resources and bullet points for immediate suggested next steps such as:

What logos to look for when purchasing 3rd party certified green cleaning products, or Who to contact should you be interested in having your soil tested for lead.

Child care facility staff will be encouraged to reach out to the EHCC program to ask additional questions or to see additional resources. We are here to assist our EHCC endorsed child care programs and want to make ourselves available for true person-to-person conversations. It is important that you are able to gather the information you need to protect the children in your care from unnecessary exposures to chemicals and heavy metals (lead, mercury).