California Activities


In addition to offering CEHN’s diverse national programs, CEHN has provided state-specific resources and has undertaken projects to protect children and families from environmental health risks.

Our projects to promote research, education and policy on children’s environmental health in California, have been replicated in other states or regions.


Until 2005 we had an office in California. 


California Childcare Education Project
Completed in 2006, this is an environmental health curriculum for daycare providers.


State of Children's Environmental Health in California
Briefing paper Presented to the California State Legislature, Select Committee on Children’s Health and School Readiness, September 19, 2002.


CEHN Framework and Priorities for California
Overview of two-year outreach process to set priorities and goals for work on children’s environmental health issues in California.


CEHN California - Educational and Outreach Projects

"Healthy Environments in Childcare and Preschools" A pilot project, supported by the San Francisco Foundation, provided training to caregivers and facility managers to remove environmental health hazards from early childhood care. Includes research on non-toxic alternatives.

"Children’s Health and the Built Environment" a new CEHN initiative which emphasizes green building practices and regional planning policies that uniquely affect children’s health.

"Reducing Childhood Diesel Exposure; Linking Scientific Research and Local Advocacy"