Latest Research in
Children's Environmental Health

The Children’s Environmental Health Network (CEHN) discontinued the Article of the Month (AOM) series in early 2018. However, we remain committed to sharing the latest children’s environmental health scientific findings with you. We are now taking a more nimble approach--one that can react quickly to the latest and most relevant publications so that you learn about them sooner.

The articles we highlight are peer-reviewed, primary research articles concerning environmental impacts to human health. CEHN not only makes the research findings accessible to those audiences who need it the most, but also provides background information on the relevance of the research specifically to children’s health, and includes a discussion about the policy implications of the research. Readers will continue to have access to our past Articles of the Month.

Comments and questions about CEHN’s research translation and promotion efforts are encouraged. Please email Kristie Trousdale, Deputy Director and staff lead for CEHN’s Science Committee.

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