Despite the many successes and advancements in the field of children’s environmental health (CEH) over the past few decades, today’s children face an epidemic of illnesses and chronic diseases - linked to environmental exposures, and our changing climate. There is an urgent need to put children and their families into the forefront of our nation's public health and environmental health related actions.
A paradigm shift in the field of CEH is required so all levels of society work to proactively consider children and our future generations.

In 2012, the Children’s Environmental Health Network, with CEH advocates, partners, and leaders, began work to create a new proactive vision for CEH in the 21st century. A historic Wingspread Summit was held in 2014 to draft a new vision for the field, and a framework for a Blueprint for Action.

The Blueprint emphasizes urgent action to make children's health a priority for our nation. It outlines the steps that are necessary for progress towards protecting children's environmental health, and for developing a solid foundation to support future commitments moving forward. It is a high-level resource that is available to assist leaders in our communities and the children's environmental health field in prioritizing the needs of our children. 

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