Mark Magaña is the founder and Principal of Magaña Associates and Hispanic Strategy Group, a multi-faceted government relations and public affairs firm focused on building strategic relationships between Congress, the Administration, Corporations, not for profit organizations, and the Latino community.  He currently represents, and has represented, several of the most prominent Corporations and organizations in the country through the Hispanic Strategy Group and its parent company, Magaña Associates. Mr. Magaña has amassed nearly 20 years of high-level governmental, legislative and policy experience in the nation's capital.

In his personal capacity, Mr. Magaña was instrumental to the Barack Obama campaign in the 2007-2008 Presidential election cycle.  As an early supporter of Senator Obama, he founded the National Latinos for Obama in February 2007.  Through Latinos for Obama, Mr. Magaña built a national grassroots organization and mobilization effort spearheaded by Latino professionals.  Creating a volunteer and staff recruitment base of Latinos using innovative social networking tools, Mr. Magaña was able to mobilize supporters to actively campaign and raise funds in various states throughout the primaries and the general election.  Mr. Magaña also worked closely with the campaign field, political and policy staffs to provide knowledge and expertise in issue areas important to the Hispanic community.  His collaborative efforts directly contributed to leveraging relationships that culminated in the involvement of the Latinos in the campaign, serving as surrogates, staff operatives, and voters in several key battle-ground states.

Prior to launching his private practice, Mr. Magaña served in the White House as the Special Assistant to President Clinton for Legislative Affairs. Serving as President Clinton's primary legislative lobbyist to multiple House Committees, he provided strategic and political advice to the President on Administration policy. Mr. Magaña also coordinated the lobbying and legislative efforts of associated Departments and Agencies. In 1996, Mr. Magaña was appointed by President Clinton to represent the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) before Congress. As a Political appointee, Mr. Magaña was responsible for advancing the legislative agenda of the President and the Secretary. He briefed and advised House and Senate Members and Committee staff regarding HHS legislation, regulations, policy and strategy. Mr. Magaña played a critical role in the legislative fight over the future of Medicaid, Medicare and Child Welfare.

Mr. Magaña has an extensive record of working for Congressional leadership in the U.S. House of Representatives. As the Senior Policy Advisor to the Vice Chair of the House Democratic Caucus, Rep. Robert Menendez (D-NJ), Mr. Magaña assisted the House leadership with floor strategy, policy development, and communicating with the Democratic Members of Congress. Among his many accomplishments, it is noted that he directed the Caucus' efforts to ensure a fair and accurate Census 2000 count.  Additionally, he served as the Legislative Assistant to Representative Jim McDermott and he supported the Congressman’s efforts on the Ways and Means Committee, and managed a broad portfolio that included: Health Care, Education, Welfare, Housing, Community Development, Immigration, and Labor issues.

Mr. Magaña also represented local government in legislative and administrative matters before the Federal government and Congress.  He served as a Federal Legislative Representative for the City of Los Angeles.  In this capacity, he was responsible for developing, coordinating and implementing legislative strategies in conjunction with the Los Angeles Congressional delegation, City Council, Mayor, municipal departments, and other organizations.

Mr. Magaña came to Washington, DC in 1990 to work for the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed officials (NALEO) where he conducted research on education, immigration, naturalization, voting, and health and authored research papers on issues of naturalization and the Latino vote. He represented NALEO on numerous advocacy coalitions on issues of concern to Hispanics.