The Proclamation Request Toolkit


Process of Requesting a Proclamation

1. Let others know that you are helping to obtain a proclamation for CEH Day by adding your action to the Events and Activities Map.

2. Search on your mayor or governor’s website or google for information on their proclamation process. If you cannot find the proclamation information online, call your government’s office.

3. You will probably either have to submit an online form or email someone in the government office to request the proclamation.  Use the information that is in the template proclamation on this website to create a CEH Day proclamation. In the document, just replace the text in red with your government’s information and change the new text to black before you send the information to your government official.

Click on the link below to receive your free CEH Day Proclamation template

City Proclamation Template

State Proclamation Template

4. You may be asked to provide a brief explanation as to why it is important to recognize Children’s Environmental Health Day through the online proclamation request submission form or over email correspondence with the Governor or Mayor’s office. This is oftentimes called a Purpose for Proclamation or a Reason for Recognition statement. To expedite the process and make it easier on you, we have included some draft language.

Click on the link below to view

Reason for your proclamation request

5. Submit a Photo Op Request to the office of your governor or mayor to get a photo with the elected official who signed your CEH Day Proclamation. Oftentimes, this can be arranged by submitting a Scheduling Request form or by emailing the governor's or mayor's office. Details will be found on your government's website. 

6. Once the proclamation has been issued and you have received it, create a press release to send to your favorite media outlets and to CEHN so we can promote it on our website and via social media.

            Proclamation Template Press Release


Helpful Tips

Start early. Allow enough time to submit and process your request. It may take several months. Begin the process now.

Follow-up with the office of your governor or mayor 2 weeks after submitting the request.

Got questions? Send us an email at