The time is now. We all must unite and stand up for children's environmental health.

#ChildrenAtTheCenter is comprised of 2 core efforts: Children’s Environmental Health Day (observed the 2nd Thursday in October) and an Education-to-Action series developed around the most pressing CEH issues.

#ChildrenAtTheCenter Goals:

  1. Increase awareness and understanding of children’s environmental health among key audiences
  2. Mobilize action on children’s environmental health issues
  3. Establish/expand the community and network of partners working on children’s environmental health issues

#ChildrenAtTheCenter Background:
Despite a better understanding about the connection between environment and health and the unique vulnerabilities of children to these impacts, the health of children today is no better than it was a decade or more ago. Further, children from families with low incomes, and children of color, experience multiple health stressors and exposures, and as a result face an increased risk for poor health outcomes.

The Children’s Environmental Health Network (CEHN), with children’s environmental health advocates, partners, and leaders, developed a new proactive vision and framework for children’s environmental health for the 21st century, A Blueprint for Protecting Children’s Environmental Health: An Urgent Call to Action. The Blueprint emphasizes urgent action to make children's health a priority for our nation. It outlines the steps that are necessary for progress towards protecting children's environmental health, and for developing a solid foundation to support future commitments moving forward.

A key priority action item from the Blueprint is the development of a  children's environmental health (CEH) movement to put these critical issues in the forefront of the national consciousness and decision-making, with a particular focus on action and equity.

#ChildrenAtTheCenter is this movement. Join us.

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