Think Outside!
For Children's Environmental Health Day 2021


This year on Tuesday, October 12 we’re asking you to “Think Outside!” and celebrate CEH Day 2021 with us. Folks all across the US are planning a day of nature-oriented activities to raise the visibility of the need for increased, equitable access to safe green spaces for children and honor the important role nature plays in children’s health.

Easy access to safe, natural environments improves kids’ physical and mental health. Time in and near nature has been linked to increased physical activity, reduced symptoms of asthma and attention disorders, decreased stress, anxiety, and depression, and increased self-confidence in children.

Unfortunately, access to nature isn't equal for all kids. Children from communities of color, immigrant communities, and lower-income communities are less likely to have access to safe green spaces in their neighborhoods and are less likely to feel comfortable exploring natural areas they can access, due to the current lack of diversity in many outdoor activities and racist policies that encouraged this segregation. 

"Think Outside!" on October 12th to take a stand for children's environmental health, for children's right to spend time in safe green spaces, and for a more equitable and diverse outdoors.

To join, individuals and organizations should first sign the pledge to Think Outside! for CEH Day 2021. Then, on your own or with family, friends, or community, plan how you'll Think Outside. You could take a hike, visit an environmental center, watch a nature documentary, read a book about the environment, or have some quiet time in a park. The goal is to take some time on Tuesday, October 12th to engage with nature in your own way!