Share your Children's Environmental Health Story

We need your help- personal stories help us make it clear to policymakers, would-be advocates, and decisionmakers how crucial environments are to kids' health. We believe that the well-being of children should be at the core of any discussions about the development of environmental and public health policies, regulations and standards, and programs to alleviate environmental risks. We need your help to put children at the heart of these considerations.

By sharing your experiences, you not only shed light on the critical link between environmental risk factors in the home and children's health but also help put a face to these concerns. Your story has the power to shape policy, spark conversations, and create lasting impact.

Thank you for being part of our collective effort to build a healthier future for all children. Together, we can transform unhealthy housing conditions into safe and nurturing environments where every child can thrive.

Do you have a children's environmental health story?

For example:

  • Does your child have asthma? Do you or your child avoid being outside on days when the air quality is poor? How does this affect your quality of life?
  • Do you believe that exposure to lead possibly contributed to learning or behavioral challenges for a child in your life?
  • Did a health condition diagnosis lead you to explore environmental risk factors?
  • Have you reduced environmental triggers of asthma in your child's classroom or child care and seen an improvement in your child’s symptoms?

Do you have a healthy housing story?

Consider the following:

  • What environmental health hazard in the home has impacted your family/loved ones? ( An example may be mold exposure.)
  • What is the likely cause of the exposure to this environmental health hazard in the home? (An example could be leaking plumbing fixtures.)
  • What were some symptoms that you noticed? (e.g., mental/emotional stress, ability to go to work, relationships/community, financial health)?
  • What has been the impact on your family (emotionally, physically, child’s development, any financial burdens [medical/housing costs])?


See an example of a children's environmental health story:



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