Looking for Other Ways to Give?

Here are some of our favorite ideas. There are so many ways to get involved, and any action, large or small, makes a big difference.

Host a Facebook Fundraiser

If you use Facebook, hosting a fundraiser is an easy way to help spread awareness of children's environmental health issues and grow our child health champion community.

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Write to Your Representatives

Donate your time and energy to build the movement- write to your representatives & tell them about a CEH issue close to your heart using CEHN's e-messaging platform or downloadable postcards.

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Learn about Children's Environmental Health Issues

Becoming more versed in relevant CEH topics helps make the movement stronger! Visit CEHN's YouTube page to watch recent webinars.

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Get Plugged In To The Community

Subscribe to CEHN's email list to get weekly digests, monthly policy newsletters, and/or special event updates.

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Leverage a 2021 CEH Day Proclamation

Did your mayor or governor proclaim 10/14/21 Childrens' Environmental Health Day? Turn this public declaration into an advocacy tool. Follow up with the elected official and respective offices using CEHN's Proclamation Advocacy Toolkit.

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Request a 2022 CEH Day Proclamation

Many mayors' and governors' offices allow community members to request proclamations year-round. Make sure children's environmental health is a priority for your elected officials using CEHN's Proclamation Request Toolkit.

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Pledge to Host a Birthday Fundraiser

We really appreciate it when members of our community host birthday fundraisers for the Children's Environmental Health Network, and we find that they're typically some of the most successful Facebook fundraisers of the year. Take the pledge here.

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Why children's environmental health?

34% of children's health issues

are caused by preventable environmental hazards.

1 in 4 children

ages 2-8 in the United States has a chronic health condition.

88% of the global burden of disease

due to climate change is borne by children, disproportionately affecting children from families with lower wealth and from communities of color