2018 Education-to-Action      #ChildrenAtTheCenter

January 2018 - Children's Environmental Health (CEH) Movement Launch

Join a growing community dedicated to protecting the healthy development and well-being of all children through the elimination of environmental hazards and the prioritization of clean air and water, safe food and products, and a healthy and sustainable planet. As a member of the Movement you will receive weekly communication from the Children's Environmental Health Network with news on the latest research, child-protective policies, educational resources, and other advancements or action in the field of children's environmental health, including calls to action and other ways that you can help.

The CEH Movement includes an Education-to-Action Series. In 2018 the series takes form as monthly installments highlighting key campaigns to protect children's environmental health, the organizations who are leading these efforts, and direct ways that you can take action to support those efforts.

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