Climate Equity Collaborative

Engaging communities, youth, organizations, and industry in designing and implementing equitable and inclusive climate solutions.


CEHN is a proud founding member of the Climate Equity Collaborative™ (CEC), a public-private partnership that engages nontraditional partners in climate innovation and climate action. Our aim is to engage at the system-level by centering our initiatives on climate education, children’s environmental health, environmental justice, and to construct more on- ramps to the global climate conversation by building impactful partnerships.

While the problems stemming from climate inequity are vast, the CEC is focused on opportunities for children (K-12), college-aged and pre-career youth from underserved groups which are not sufficiently engaged and historically under-resourced in the climate conversation, STEM learning, public health decision-making, and job opportunities.

We assist our corporate partners to build programs which address net-zero commitments; future workforce needs; environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG); and equity in our changing global climate.

Key Priorities

  • Inspire urgent, action-oriented public engagement around reversing climate impacts on children and most vulnerable communities
  • Strengthen the continuum of engagement, starting with K-12 education, to cultivate the next generation of environmental leaders
  • Equip youth with the skills, abilities, knowledge, and opportunities to thrive in a 21st Century workforce
  • Design a platform to drive resources to nonprofit environmental justice partners in frontline communities
  • Replicate at local, national, and international levels

Key Strategies

  • Build Community Trust and Facilitate Participation
  • Enhance Systems and Localize Existing Resources
  • Drive Public-Private Collaboration and Accelerate Change
  • Engage Youth and Amplify Voices


Why does climate equity matter?

The impacts of climate change are indiscriminate, but the burden is and has been disproportionate, affecting those who have been historically unseen, unheard, and under-resourced in climate change and climate health decision-making.

What actions will the Climate Equity Collaborative take?

The CEC is a public-private partnership that will engage underserved communities, in accelerating climate planning, bold transformative initiatives, and development efforts. We will achieve this, in part by convening partners and stakeholders from communities, nonprofits, businesses, and governments and centering the voices of youth and those who have not been traditionally engaged in these conversations.

What will this coalition do and consistently deliver?

With a focus on the most vulnerable communities and children, the Climate Equity Collaborative (CEC) will harness existing and new resources to develop a unique and collaborative approach to transform the way communities learn and act on climate issues—centering climate education, children’s health, environmental justice, and technology.

What is Global Children's Environmental Health Network?

In late 2023, our coalition is launching the Global Children’s Environmental Health Network (GCEHN) devoted to climate equity for children's health. We envision a meeting place to network, learn and teach; a platform open to all interested in the intersection of climate change, children's health, and justice. Learn more.

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