Our Climate Change Work

Technical assistance for state and local climate adaption plans – Preparedness is essential for our communities to not only survive, but thrive in a changing climate. Planning by local and state governments can save lives, businesses, and millions of dollars. We offer assessment and assistance for government bodies climate adaptation plans through a children’s health lens

Climate change preparedness, response, and recovery technical assistance for child care providers and early learning settings – Eco-Healthy Child Care® is able to offer specialized technical assistance for  child care providers protecting children from environmental hazards of a changing climate. 

Speaking engagements – CEHN offers keynote presentations, workshops, and webinars on children's environmental health and climate change.

Advocacy – CEHN is vocal in congressional hearings and briefings, as well as providing support and advocacy through our outreach and communications.

Convening – CEHN has expertise in convening diverse stakeholders around children’s health. We leverage this experience and  our vibrant network of change-makers to delve into meaningful conversations and drive change for children and families in a changing climate.

Research and Resource Clearinghouse- CEHN compiles, hosts, and disseminates research and educational resources for child care, health care, climate action and advocacy.

Writing Engagements- CEHN pens guest blog posts, articles, and opinion pieces on climate change and children's health.


Contacts us for more information on the services we offer or possible partnerships.