EHCC Endorsement:

Just follow these easy steps to get started:


1. Request a checklist.

Call 202.543.4033 x13 or you can download a checklist in English or Spanish HEREThe EHCC checklist was recently updated in March 2018. We encourage providers to complete and submit the updated (2018) version of the checklist, as it reflects current best practice recommendations.


2. Review the checklist.

Call 202.543.4033 x13 to ask questions.


3. Complete the checklist.

Comply with at least 24 of 30 best practice checklist items, including the three required items necessary for 2-year endorsement. On the "Facility Name" line please write your facility name clearly and as you would like it to appear on the endorsement certificate.


4. Verify your completed checklist.

Ask a non-employee witness to confirm the completion of the tasks on your checklist, including the three required items. Make sure the witness co-signs your completed checklist before returning it for endorsement.


5. Note that by submitting the checklist, you are agreeing to a potential on-site assessment during the 2 year endorsement period. You will be given at least 48 hours notice.

Click HERE to find out more about the assessment.


6. Complete the Eco Healthy Child Care® Certification Mark Use Agreement Form

Click HERE to download the form. Make sure the name and address of your facility, and required signature are included before returning your application for endorsement.


7. Submit the Eco Healthy Child Care® 2-year endorsement application, Certification Mark Use Agreement Form, and application fee.

See below for pricing details. If paying by credit card, please include credit card payment confirmation number in the "Please indicate method of payment" section of the checklist.


8. Pay by check or money order or pay online using a credit card through PayPal

There are two main categories of payment for a two-year Eco-Healthy Child Care® endorsement. Category I is for regular endorsement processing, and Category II offers discounted endorsement pricing to providers who are renewing their endorsements early/on time. Fees are tiered according to the number of children a facility is licensed to care for.

In either category, you do not need to have a PayPal account to pay.





I. Two-year Eco-Healthy Child Care® endorsement prices (per facility):

$25 for facilities licensed to care for up to 20 children

$50 for facilities licensed for 21+ children



II. Renewal Incentive prices (per facility) for child care providers who are renewing their two-year endorsements early. You can check your facility's endorsement expiration date on your endorsement certificate. If you have already submitted a Mark Use Agreement Form you do NOT need to submit another one with your renewal. 

NOTE: To be eligible for this discount, BOTH your completed checklist form AND payment must be received in the EHCC offices before your current endorsement expires:

$15 for facilities licensed to care for up to 20 children

$40 for facilities licensed for 21+ children






Facilities that qualify receive a 2-year endorsement certificate and a poster that lets parents and others know of their efforts, and demonstrate their commitment to being Eco-Healthy. Endorsed programs are also listed on our website.  If you would like to place our EHCC logo on your website, let us know! Email us at