Leaders and organizations from across the country joined together at Wingspread to develop and commit to a vision for children’s environmental health. This blueprint for action is the first step in realizing this vision. The recommendations and actions are the frame for moving forward. This is just the beginning. Bold and robust actions are necessary.

Creating a movement and transformative change will require the commitment and action of many actors and will take time.

The process for putting this blueprint into action will require the following steps:

  1. Identify a primary coordinating body
  2. Form a Task Force to provide leadership and guidance
  3. Determine any existing or new initiatives for potential collaboration and synergy
  4. Identify key actors and actions
  5. Engage with actors – secure commitments for action
  6. Develop a Blueprint for Action, Action Plan
  7. Seek and secure funding and resources
  8. Implement the Action Plan (with measurable goals and timelines)
  9. Monitor, track and report progress